From PECS to Proloque2Go and Everything in Between (Part 1) — More Than The Words

The other day I opened a file on my computer called “pics” and it made me smile, laugh, sigh and pause all at the same time. Pause to reflect on where we were and where we are now.   I am guessing most of you have folders on your computers with the same title, but I am […]

From PECS to Proloque2Go and Everything in Between (Part 1) — More Than The Words

I know it might seem a little strange for an autistic person to be reblogging something from a non-autistic parent of an autistic child, but I think it’s important for people to see NT parents advocating for the use of AAC. Even over that of speech. (Though that may be in another of her posts. I’ve read several now, so it’s hard to keep track).

Even though it shouldn’t, sometimes the voice of parents of professionals has more weight with other parents and professionals than the voice of those of us on the spectrum. So, I’m sharing this, and part 2, so that people can see that autistics and parents can agree on some things! 🙂.

Also, since this site is intended to be a resource for both those on the spectrum and those who aren’t, I thought it would be beneficial to demonstrate that there are parents out there who can be allies and proper advocates (not just ones who think they are).

I should also point out that, as I said in the comments section of her original post, voicing a word is *not* “always easier than going to a binder, picking a picture and bringing it to an adult”, for some of us. Especiall if you have movement disorder issues (apraxia, dystonia, coordination issues, etc.) that affect your oral muscles, or if there are cognitive or other issues that affect the oral/aural route, but don’t affect, or affect to a lesser degree, the route between brain and limbs. Or … other issues I’m blanking on at the moment.

I’ve had so many NT people, of various sorts, who *insist* that speech “must be” easier than AAC methods of communication, because it’s “built in” so to speak, whereas AAC is not. All of those people failed to realize how many short circuits there are between my brain and the physiology involved in speech, and the significantly less difficulty there is for me between my brain and my hands when it comes to communication! They were blinded by the whole “intelligence must equal speech” nonsense so much of the world is obsessed by. (but that’s another subject entirely, that I address in other posts.)

(Caveat: I know this parent has used ABA with her child, and although I condemn ABA, like so many other autistics, I’m not going to hold that against this parent, as she honestly seems to mean well, and does not appear to have a ‘curist’ attitude, like so many other ABA proponents do. Many parents are unfortunately unaware of the damaging effects ABA has on autistic mental health.)

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